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Habemus Skeletos!

During the summer, our team drove to the Depot in Vilvoorde and after some calculations, 128 individuals were securely placed in the VUB van and began their journey to the Jette medical campus. Some skeletons were already examined by the Agentschap onroerend erfoed, but additional skeletons will be carefully analysed by our osteoarchaeologist Veronica Jackson assisted by our newest team member: Isabeau Provoost. Veronica's research will complete the osteological information we need before all 128 individuals are sampled for isotopic analysis by Rachèl Spros. These individuals are just the start within our four year project and many more will follow. But for now we are all very excited to get to know them and the secrets they keep about the medieval city of Ieper. Stay tuned for the many stories they have to tell!

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