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Short documentary ‘Het labo van de archeoloog’ featuring the Make-Up of the City now at the Yper Museum!

What goes on behind the scenes? What do researcher do with the finds from archaeological excavations? How can it help us to understand our past? Questions you no longer have to ask now that the Yper Museum shows a short documentary on scientific research techniques featuring our project’s very own PhD researcher: Rachèl Spros!


The documentary on display at the Yper Museum showing the beautiful and amusing animations made by Het Voorlopig Bewind.

In collaboration with the Make-Up of the City project, and Professor Maarten Larmuseau (KU Leuven), have the Yper Museum  and Het Voorlopig Bewind created a short documentary on two scientific research techniques to study our ancestors. In this fun and informative documentary, Maarten explains all about ancient DNA and how it shows the people’s lineages, while Rachèl describes how stable isotope analyses can show what someone did during their lifetimes. With these two techniques, science is never boring!


The documentary ‘Het labo van de archeoloog’ is now on display at the Yper Museum and brings the science back to you. Come watch it now!

Make-Up of the City's PI professor Bart Lambert (left) and professor Maarten Larmuseau (KU Leuven, right) checking out the documentary.

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