Veronica Jackson

After obtaining a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Roman and Medieval history at York  University, Toronto, Veronica turned to osteoarchaeology as a means to investigate the past experiences of the people who are frequently overlooked by written historical records (i.e. those of low socio-economic status, most particularly women and children). She completed her MSc in Human Osteology and Funerary Archaeology at Leiden University, graduating cum laude in 2019. In her masters, Veronica synthesised and tested a new method of non-adult sex estimation based on odontometrics of the permanent canines. She also studied medieval archaeology and was proud to work on the Rural Riches Project documenting Merovingian archaeological sites across the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and northern France. Throughout this time, Veronica worked on several osteoarchaeological excavations and subsequent skeletal analyses from across Northwestern Europe. 

Key Research Interests

• Osteoarchaeology

• Dental Anthropology

• Medieval European History


• MSc cum laude, Leiden Unversity (NL)

    Human Osteology and Funrary Archaeology

• BA (Hons) History, York University (Toronto, CA)

     Roman and Early Medieval European History

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