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Barbara Veselka
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Key Interests

  • Cremated remains

  • Vitamin D deficiency

I finished my first master (in Archaeology of MesoAmerica) in 2000. In 2012, I finished my second master, in Osteoarchaeology, and started my PhD research in 2013 while working as a physical anthropologists on commercial projects. This enabled me to combine commercial archaeology with academic research, whereby I could do my PhD research and bring the commercial work up to an academic level. I love working with bone, inhumations and cremations, and I am always looking for the mysteries hidden in the human skeleton.

Main Publications

Veselka, B., G. Capuzzo, R. Annaert, N. Mattielli, M. Boudin, S. Dalle, M. Hlad, C. Sabaux, K. Salesse, A. Sengeløv,  E. Stamataki, D. Tys, M. Vercauteren, E. Warmenbol, G. De Mulder, C. Snoeck 2021. Divergence, diet, and disease: the identification of group identity, landscape use, health, and mobility in the fifth- to sixth-century AD burial community of Echt, the Netherlands, Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences 13(6).

Veselka, B., M.B. Brickley and A.L. Waters-Rist, 2021. A joint medico-historical and paleopathological perspective on vitamin D deficiency prevalence in post-Medieval Netherlands, International Journal of Osteoarchaeology 32.

Veselka, B., Hoogland, M.L.P. & Waters-Rist, A.L. 2015. Rural rickets: vitamin D deficiency in a post-Medieval farming community from the Netherlands, International Journal of Osteoarchaeology 25: 665-675.

Veselka, B., van der Merwe, A., Hoogland, M.L.P. & Waters-Rist, A.L. 2017. Gender-related vitamin D deficiency in a Dutch 19th century farming community, International Journal of Paleopathology 23.

Veselka, B. & Lemmers S.A.M. 2014. Deliberate selective deposition of Iron Age cremations from Oosterhout (prov. Noord-Brabant, the Netherlands): a ‘pars pro toto’ burial ritual, LUNULA. Archaeologia protohistorica, XXII: 151-158.

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